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For your child to reach full academic potential there must be a balance between the physical and intellectual development as research shows a high correlation between the two - if the physical side is not developed, the intellectual side lacks too. Beanbags, Snatch-its, Skipping ropes, balancing board, etc, all ultimately stimulate intellect.

Abstract symbols are man-made symbols which represent what we, as adults, know as numbers and letters - but to the young child these are just squiggles and lines.

Perceptual development (3-5yrs) lays the foundation for abstract formal learning which takes place from grade one. For example, the exercise of putting a cut-out shape into its correct slot on a board, is an early pre-reading skill. This extends to the child recognizing words as a whole purely by their shape.

Once the young child identifies the symbols a, b, c and attaches meaningful sounds to them , he can then start phonically joining the sounds to form words – this is reading! (6-9yrs).

Numeracy abilities also begin at a young age with children playing with material such as beads, links and even buildings blocks. Here they start to understand the concepts of groups with “more than”, “less than” and “equal to”. This leads on to games like dominoes where children start recognizing the quantity of dots.

From here the child starts recognizing that each numeral represents a quantitive value. It is important that children do not just parrot-count, but actually understand the quantitive value attached to each numeral  (6-9yrs).

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