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You will often hear the saying that the highschool’s “C” student will end up employing the “A” student, and will be happier and more successful in life with the ability to understand and get along with other people.

The first influence in developing people skills is the child’s role models at home. However, even with the right examples at home, there is still room for the child to develop their own style of skill with people.

The ability to compromise and cooperate, while maintaining his own sense of self, allows the child to be accepted and respected. An effective way of developing these abilities is for your child to have many opportunities to interact in a meaningful and fun way with his pier group.

Toys and games which are played within a group or in teams is a great way to create a social environment which positions the children to work and play together.

The ability to listen to other people and pay attention to what they are saying when they express their needs, will attract his piers to him and will take him far in life. The most important aspect of listening skills is to not only “hear” but to really “listen” and this requires a certain level concentration.

Theodore Roosevelt said it best when he stated that "The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people."

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